Ninth E-9 Ministerial Review Meeting
Inclusive, Relevant Quality Education for All

The E-9 Initiative

The E-9 Initiative was launched in 1993 at the EFA Summit of the Nine High-Population Countries in New Delhi, India. The “E” stands for education and the “9” represents the nine highly populated countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Pakistan. Given that these countries were home not only to over half of the world’s population but also to more than 70 percent of the world’s adult illiterates, about two-third of whom are women and girls, and more than half of its out-of-school children, any significant progress made in these countries immediately would have positive impact on EFA. It was (and still is) rational to priorities a group of highly populated countries for the attainment of EFA. The E-9 countries also face common challenges such as decentralization and quality assurance. Hence, the heads of E-9 countries signed the Delhi Declaration and showed their commitment to achieving EFA. Since that time, the E-9 Initiative has become a forum for these nine countries to discuss their experiences related to education, exchange best practices and monitor EFA-related progress. It has also become a powerful driver for EFA and South-South Cooperation. more...