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About Prashikshak

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has developed Prashikshak - Teacher Education Portal for DIETs which is a Database of Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs) with relevant information about the institutes including various performance indicators.

This portal would entail establishment of a strong monitoring mechanism on all relevant performance indicators of TEIs’.

Prashikshak Portal Login website for DIETs'
is the Login Website of Prashikshak Portal for DIET's for filling DIETs' Data.

Refilling 3 Indicators on Prashikshak Portal

Guidelines for Refilling Data

FAQ on Refilling Data

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Prashikshak Portal Manuals, Presentations & Forms

Data Approver (DA) Guide
Data Manager (DM) Guide
Prashikshak Presentation
Prashikshak Presentation in PDF
Prashikshak Portal - Blank Forms

Who is Data Approver (DA)?

In Prashikshak Portal the DIET's Principal is called as Data Approver, which is abbrivated as DA. As a final step of data filling, only Data Approver have the rights to Submit the data to MHRD. The options appear in his login as the Data Manager complete 100% data submission from his login.

Who is Data Manager (DM)?

In Prashikshak Portal the DIET's Principal can assign any person from DIET's as Data Manager, which is abbrivated as DM. The Data Manager or DM will fillup all the forms on Prashikshak Portal and in the last DM will submit it to DIET's Principal.

TSG-TE, MHRD Officials for Prashikshak Portal

Mr. Suresh Balodi, Consultant (IT), TSG-TE, MHRD @ 09911225502

Mr. Wamiq Towhid, Sr. Consultant, TSG-TE, MHRD @ 09811985727

Prashikshak Contact Details

Prashikshak Support Team is available Mon-Fri between 11:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Prashikshak Support Team contact number are +91-9560023737 ; +91-9650129941